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What to do?

First of all, definitelly, stop dealing with them and contact Police in your country asap


In case you sent money to them allready, as soon as possible contact FIU (financial intelligence unit) in the country of the bank you sent the money to. Send them email with this or similar text:

Dear Sirs,
I am contacting you in the matter of scam company, Paramount financial group, www.paramountfg.com These people took from me nearly 30000 USD, part of it, 5269 USD was transferred by me to the account at Cyprus (all the bank details and invoice are attached to this email) They were pretending they are buying stocks for me, but they did not do so. When I asked the money from the sales, they simply stopped the communication.
I found out, that this company is not on the address mentioned on their site, their website has a hidden owner and that they are sending emails from Philiphines instead of Austria.
They sent to me several documents and invoices. Even the Nasdaq style document (attached) This document was proved falsified by FINRA and NASDAQ themselves (their statements also included)
I found other victims of their activity. For example (http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/448081890331 , please scroll down) Since Paramount FG are asking to note different reason for the transactions, I have to suppose money laundering is included in their activity.
I have announced their action on Czech Police on September 3. Under the number KRPU-201228/čj-2012-POB
I am contacting also the FIU in Belize, the other country, where I sent my money.
I would like to ask you to help me with this situation and prevent them from continuing of their activity and if possible help me to get my money back.
I am ready to provide you with any and all the document I have as evidence.
Thank you very much
Best Regards
PLEASE MENTION IN THE MESSAGE, THAT THE CAUSE MAY INCLUDE MONEY LAUNDERING. This speeds up things. I had answer from MOKAS (FIU unit in Cyprus) in a couple of hours. If there are still money on the accounts FIU can block them and you can start the civil litigation to get them back. FIU can also start the action of Interpol, which is what I am currently waiting for.

Please contact me, the more victims we find, the bigger pressure we can put on "Mr. Watson" internationally. I have allready contacted Czech police with all the details and they started the action with FIU units in Belize and Cyprus themselves too, waiting for the details about their accounts. This will take the while, but should lead us to them. FIU units are very effective.


watch www.fraudsters.com for other ideas